Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bats Wake Up

The Mets hit 3 home runs tonight and went on to defeat the Brewers 8-5. Oliver Perez survived a rough couple of innings to win his 10th game of the year.

Earlier in the night, this post was going to start by ripping Randolph for sitting Milledge in place of Marlon Anderson, but since Marlon hit a 3 run jack and drove in another with an RBI single, I really can't say anything. But then I figured I could get on Randolph for not sitting Green instead of Milledge. So what does Green do? He hits his first home run in 114 ABs. Don't be fooled however, he's been horrible, and his play in right field tonight was hardly gold glove material. My wife actually laughed when she saw him flop forward while the ball blew past him to allow a run in the second. He actually did look like Gumby out there.

What I will say though is that I want to see Milledge play every day. Just let the kid play a consistent stretch of games, see how he bounces back after an o-for last night. Show some confidence in him.

El Capitan, Ramon Castro did it again, as he hit a 3 run bomb in the second and got us back in the game after an early 3-0 deficit. With the offense struggling like it is, I thought for sure we were going to lose this one. But Ramon gave us a jolt of confidence at the right time. Thankfully, I can sleep well tonight.

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