Friday, August 24, 2007

I Was Dead Wrong About Marlon Anderson

In July when the Mets picked up Marlon Anderson, I didn't understand the move. In fact I thoroughly trashed the guy, basically questioning his manhood and reason for living, in a post in mid-July.

I'm here to tell you I was dead wrong about Marlon Anderson. Dead wrong.

As Ron Darling put it last night, Marlon Anderson may very well be the best bat off the bench in the National League. Now he doesn't have the best average, or the best power, or the best all-round player, but Anderson knows how to hit in spots. On Tuesday night, he came through in the 9th with a huge hit. Last night he absolutely crushed a 3-run homer into the right field seats. I don't think Delgado has hit a ball as hard and far as Anderson did last night.

The guy knows his role, which you have to appreciate. I do like the fact that he's got some speed in him too. I originally thought Willie Randolph was going to play him every day in left until Alou came back, and that's what mostly made me question his being on the team. But as THE man off the bench, I have come to really love what Marlon Anderson can do for this team.

Move over Lenny Harris, Marlon Anderson is my top pinch hitter.

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bryan said...

One of the most exciting mets home runs in a long time...too bad they choked on it. Well said about Marlon. Couldn't agree more.