Monday, August 27, 2007

Fox Baseball vs. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Which do you prefer? The annoyance of Tim McCarver on Fox Saturday Baseball or the drone of Joe Morgan on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball?

I'd prefer neither actually. McCarver has been annoying me since I was 8 years old and watching the Mets on WWOR (that's the old channel 9 for those who may not remember). I remember at even 9 or 10 years old thinking that McCarver was really annoying and always seemed to be anti-Mets.

Now that McCarver is with Fox it's almost worse because he's teamed with Joe Buck (who I like in football, not so much baseball) or Kenny Albert (also pronounced "nepotism") who is just plain awful. But I'm not sure if they're any worse than Joe Morgan on ESPN.

Joe Morgan might be the worst color commentator in all of TV baseball. Scratch that, I've listened to Paul O'Neal on YES Network, so Morgan is the second worst. Wait Lou Pinella did the playoffs on Fox last year so he's #2. Morgan is definitely bottom 5 though. He just drones on and on and poor Jon Miller, who is a fantastic play-by-play guy, has to suffer next to him. At least Morgan somewhat likes the Mets so he's not bashing them as much as McCarver likes to.

I'm not sure which is worse, but I expect better from ESPN. As soon as Mike Piazza retires, ESPN needs to hire him as a color analyst. Fox used to have him do the postseason, but for some reason don't use him anymore. Maybe I'm just biased.

So Mets Lifers, appreciate what you have on SNY in one of the best commentators ever in Gary Cohen, and two guys with personality and baseball knowledge in Keith Hernandez & Ron Darling.


bryan said...

Choen, Darling and Ketih are the best period! You think all of these people are bad, thankfully we don't have to endure Steling and that annoying voice of Susan Waldman. Imagine that?

Don't forget Brett Boone, a living train wreck on the mic.

Jacqui said...

Hi Dave! Okay, this is something we agree on, lol. I actually liked McCarver as a Met announcer but he's just beyond awful on Fox. And Morgan is simply an idiot.

I would LOVE to see Mike get in a broadcasting booth after he retires. He loves the game, is knowledgeable and can be very funny. Let's hope it happens!

dave said...

Jacqui! We have found some common ground and what better person to find it in than Tim McCarver.

I think we need to petition ESPN to get Piazza.