Friday, August 17, 2007

Trading Deadline Lessons Learned

After last night's game, I could only think of one thing: why didn't we get bullpen help at the trading deadline?

I think it's a valid question. Luis Castillo is a huge addition and I love what he's brought to the ballclub. But how many games are we going to win or lose because of Luis Castillo? I know he's had one game where he tied up the game with a hit in the ninth, and you can't measure some of the intangibles he brings to the team. But if Ruben Gotay were in his place would it have made that huge a difference? Would the Mets have lost some of the games they won because Ruben Gotay was in instead of Castillo?

I don't think so, but the Mets are losing plenty of games because of the bullpen. Mota is just. . .I don't know what Mota is. Feliciano has some kryptonite in his glove. Heilman is up one day down the next. Blowenweiss is as his name suggests. Sosa has been pretty good, but likes to give up some hits before he gets to work.

It's not like the bullpen has gotten worse since the trading deadline. They've just been doing the same thing all year. At this point I'm ready to bring up Joe Smith and give the kid another shot. He was lights out early and they sent him down because he struggled for a few games. It's not like his replacements are light years ahead of him.

I keep thinking of Cordero, Dotel and Gagne. If they were a Met I'm almost certain that there'd be at least 3 games we lost that we would have won. I know the price tag for these guys was probably too great, but something/anything needed to be done to improve this bullpen.

Is it too late? Might be. Willie is going to have to start letting his pitchers go deeper into games because the revolving door of Mota/Heilman/Blowenweiss/Feliciano is not working.

By the way, where are you Duaner Sanchez?


bryan said...

Sanchez is done. This blow pen is awful. I wish a trade could have been made but I wouldn't have given up milledge/gomes/martinez for them. Pelfrey, I would have done stragiht up for Cordero.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

This team is not doing well. I freakin' hate to say it. I have this dumb urge to go back and figure out their record over the past 50 games but I know it ain't pretty, in fact, it's probably just average. That's not good. 42 games left? It looks like they'll be lucky to win 90 this year. Even if they make the playoffs -- a mere 90 wins really sucks. If they lost in the Division Series, sadly I wouldn't be surprised.