Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Return of the Heart Breaker

After David Wright's sac fly to to tie the game in the 9th, I thought for sure we were going to win. I was going to lead this post with "I love this game" because this was a regular season classic and baseball truly is the greatest game on earth. Instead, I will say that I hate this game because this, was a classic heart breaker and this stings. Why do I love this game?

As baseball fans, and Mets Lifers, we are all too familiar with these defeats. It is in our DNA. You're a Mets fan, you shall suffer. Whether you endure a Game 7 NLCS loss, or an important regular season contest, we are bound to be heart broken. Which is why I prefer to lose early, rather than late; get blown out, rather than get teased.

Many times I find myself trying to rationalize this game, my passion for this team. 'It's only a game, what's the big deal?'or 'They're just a bunch of overpaid athletes playing baseball, wearing blue and orange uniforms in Queens.' Never works. As much as I try to keep things in perspective, these games have a way of ruining my mood. And while I am doing what I can to mentally prepare myself now for that inevitable, torturous post season defeat, the one that is really going to rip you up, I realize I am no match for my dream of a Mets championship. Somehow, I will fool myself into thinking the bull pen will get hot, that Delgado will actually hit, and that Perez and Maine will surprise us again. Until then, I am mere a mortal. A Mets Lifer, destined for heartbreak.

I love this game.

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dave said...

After the intentional walk to Beltran I thought Delgado was going to redeem himself with a hit. Man, I hate this bullpen.