Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Wright Ejection

How shocking was it to see David Wright get ejected last night? Don't they know this is the boy scout of major league baseball? You can't eject him. He's Mr. Vitamin Water. How dare you C.B. Buckner!

Actually, David Wright probably didn't want to play the ninth inning. He'd had enough. He struck out LOOKING 3 times. A couple of those called strikes were questionable, but the last one I thought was too close to take. Wright has walked what feels like 30 times in the last 10 games and I'm wondering if he's becoming satisfied with a walk since Beltran has been on fire behind him.

I like that Wright is walking more. He steals bases and runs the bases well, but I want him to swing the bat more times than not. Delgado? He can take as many pitches as he wants.

According to Adam Rubin at the Daily News, this is only the second time Wright has been ejected from a game. The last time came in 2005 in Atlanta when the umpire ruled that Wright's take out slide was too far outside the base.

I like my Wright with a little fire. It's good to see every once in a while. Use it to fuel your bat for game two tonight.

And go drink some of that XXX Vitamin Water while you're at it. Good stuff.


metsnyc said...

Totally agree that it was great to see Wright fired up, and was surprised that he didn't get ran off after arguing balls and strikes. Big week!

Yvo said...

Gahh, I stupidly assumed since it was Monday, they weren't playing! I missed it! I would've soothed his wounded ego... Darn it!