Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weird Game Last Night

After some pondering I came to the realization that last night's game was really weird. There were a bunch of incidences that strike me as odd. Here's what I observed:
  1. The Mets scored 4 runs in the early innings off of Chris Young, baseball's ERA leader.
  2. Chris Young balked by dropping the ball while in the middle of his delivery to the plate.
  3. Mike DiFelice was asked to drop down a sac bunt.
  4. Aaron Heilman was able to get out of an inning that started off with runners on the corners and no one out, while Billy Wagner gave up a go ahead run in the 9th.
  5. Carlos Beltran got a clutch RBI.
  6. The Padres scored 6 runs while being one of the lowest scoring teams in the National League.
  7. The Mets came back to win in the 9th off of the greatest closer in baseball history with Milledge, DiFelice and Marlon Anderson leading off the inning.
  8. David Wright, who has been so good, looked lost at the plate.
  9. On 3 separate occasions, Mets' pitchers had an 0-2 count only to give up a hit on the next pitch.
But a win is a win so I'll take more weird stuff tonight if it means we win, like Bill Lawrence throwing the first no-hitter in Mets history. That would be beyond weird.

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