Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pedro Martinez Continues to Get Better

More encouraging news from Port St. Lucie as Pedro Martinez made his third rehab start and has shown improvement in each one. Details of his start can be found at ESPN.com, and it's interesting to note that Rick Peterson was in attendance for Pedro's start.

Pedro Martinez has become such an afterthought to me at this point in the season that when I hear people talk about him or read an article about his rehab I say to myself, "That's right. We might get Pedro back soon."

And I think that's the right attitude to have. The Mets aren't relying on Pedro to come back. If he didn't pitch this year, we know what tools we have and we'll work with them. But if Pedro does come back and do well, then we have the greatest September call up in all of baseball.

Even if Pedro comes back at 70% of what he used to be, he's a better 5th starter than any other NL East team has.

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