Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back on Track

This year the Mets have never had a winning streak longer than 4 games. But they have won 4 straight games on 5 separate occasions. After Thursday night's devastating loss the Mets got back on track against the Nationals.

It seemed like the Mets were firing on all cylinders. Even Pedro Feliciano came in the 9th inning to get the finals outs of a 6-2 victory. The most encouraging thing to me was the way Tom Glavine pitched and the fact that Willie Randolph let him pitch for 7 innings. Glavine allowed only one run and seemed to be hitting his spots. That is a great sign for the stretch run because if Glavine continues to pitch well, I think it helps boost the young pitchers, like Maine & Perez, because they don't feel the pressure of a must-win the next time they pitch.

Let me reiterate how much I love Reyes, Castillo and Wright at the top of the order. They each know their role and play it to perfection. Reyes job is to get on. Castillo's job is to get Reyes over. And Wright's job is to get Reyes in. At this point I wouldn't mind seeing the Mets sign Castillo after the season, although it would put a damper on my man-crush for Ruben Gotay. But it is hard to beat the Castillo/Reyes double play combo.

I want a sweep of the Nationals and when you look at the pitching matchups there's no reason we shouldn't. But this is the 2007 Mets.

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