Sunday, August 26, 2007

The 8 Game Lead

The Mets are a win and a Braves & Phillies loss away from the elusive 8 game lead. Earlier last week I posted about what size lead would make me comfortable with the Mets chances to win the NL East. 8 games was my magic number.

But with a 7 game set with the Braves and Phillies coming up next week, I'm thinking 10 game lead would be nicer.

Still it's great to see the Mets finally push past the 5 game lead wall they've hit dozens of times this year. The bats still haven't cooled. The starting pitching is holding. And the bullpen. . .well, what can you say about that.

With a win tonight, the Mets have a real chance to bury the Phillies/Braves next week. We know the Mets' bats love Citizens Bank Park, but it's that Turner Field that keeps me up at night.

Let's finish the Dodgers first though. One game at a time, and we'll build that lead.

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