Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look Up the Word Enthusiasm. You'll Find Luis Castillo.

I'm a big fan of the Delgado fist pump after a good play at first base. I'm a huge fan of every Reyes jig he does after a home run. But I'm really loving the enthusiasm from Luis Castillo.

I never figured Castillo for an emotional guy. He always seemed to be calm and nonchalant with the Marlins, but I guess that's because I didn't watch him every day. The guy's got some fire in his belly and it fits perfectly with this Mets team.

Between Castillo and Reyes the Mets have the most enthusiastic and pumped up top of the order in all of baseball. After a big hit Castillo does what I like to call the "Castillo Clap" which is basically is pounding his hands together like he's one of the Spartans in 300.

It's that kind of adrenaline and excitement that gets me fired up as a fan. I want to feel the energy of the game even though I'm watching it while eating chips and salsa.

It's a fun time to be a Mets Lifer. Let's keep it rolling.

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