Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Microcosm of Glavine's Career as a Met

Last night's game against the Phillies was a microcosm of Tom Glavine's career with the Mets. It's not symbollic of every start Glavine has made, but the majority of them were like last night.

Glavine pitched just the way the Mets needed him to. He threw 7 shutout innings while allowing 8 hits. Now what other Mets pitcher can give up 8 hits and not allow a run? Glavine had amazing control and was able to bounce back after giving up key hits.

Glavine exited with a 2-0 lead heading into the 8th and then what has happened throughout his stay in New York happened again. The Mets couldn't score any more runs and the bullpen blew the game.

Felician threw a meatball to Jimmy Rollins who crushed it over the left field fence. Then Heilman entered and gave up a walk and a throwing error by Lo Duca (although Reyes in my opinion should have had it) allowed the runner to advance from 1st to 3rd. Then the grounds keeping crew knocked in the tying run when a dribbler down the third base line refused to go foul.

No win for Glavine, again.

You know what happens next. Mota came in and gave up a 2-run homer to Ryan Howard who sent the ball onto I-95. Mota looked decent for the first inning he threw, but then got into trouble feeding Howard a fastball over the plate.

The only good news is that Delgado hit a home run and the Braves lost. The bad news is too many Mets batters are looking at 3rd strikes. Beltran & Wright have both been plagued by this and it is so unlike them. Swing fellas! You're more valuable swinging the bat than not.

The Mets need to win these next two. If they win the next two, all is forgiven and forgotten as the series will be a wash. But if they continue to lose, we'll have problems heading into Atlanta.

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