Monday, August 20, 2007

With Easley Out, Mets Need Right Handed Bat

Hmmm. With Easley out, the Mets need a right handed bat to come off the bench. Probably a bat with some pop in it, but who can also get you the single/double when you need it. I'd think they'd want to get a veteran, someone with playoff experience. Preferably a guy who can come in during a tough situation and get you a key hit.

That sounds a lot like Mike Piazza.

My crusade continues to bring Piazza back to the Mets and with Easley going down it's just another sign that Omar needs to go get Piazza. With Easley out the Mets have zero right handed bats off the bench. Gotay can switch hit, but we all know he's a better lefty.

On top of all that Lo Duca is out. Castro is out. And we're stuck with the 40+ year old Sandy Alomar Jr. and Mike DiFelice lumbering around the bases in the mean time. You know Minaya is looking at the waiver wire. There's no way they stick with Anderson Hernandez down the stretch. The last thing we need right now is another second basemen, especially one who can't hit.

Jermaine Dye has signed an extension so he's going nowhere. Bring Piazza back to the Big Apple.

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