Monday, August 20, 2007

I Want My Away Games in HD

I've got my 50 inch plasma TV. I've got my digital cable from Cablevision. I've got my Mets on SNY. Why can't I get my away games in high definition?

Is it really too much to ask? Actually the away games that are on SNY HD are broadcast on an HD signal, but they're not full HD like the home games. That's why it's viewed in the 4:3 format as opposed to the widescreen format which you see for all home games.

I don't get this. Is it really too much to carry the HD cameras on road trips? You can't tap into the HD signal that the home team is broadcasting in? It's really inexcusable. There's no reason we as Mets Lifers shouldn't be able to enjoy our Mets all season long in glorious 1080i HD (or 1080p in the not too distant future).

I really like SNY and the job they do in broadcasting the Mets games, except for this one issue. I know that YES Network does the same thing for Yankee away games, but shouldn't we be a step above?

I challenge you SNY to be the first to broadcast away games in HD.

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Daniel said...

ALL YES broadcasts are in HD. Its these subtleties that they don't get straight that ticks me off. The Mets are always riding the backseat against the Yanks and this is one area that I, like you, feel can be easily remedied. To not have our away games in HD just shows like once again, we are looking at the Yanks from behind.