Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mets Need New Training Staff

Is it just me or should the Mets just clean house with their training staff? I know we have some older veteran players but this year the injuries have been just ridiculous. Are all these injuries genetic or should someone be taking precautionary measures to prevent this? Isn't that what the training staff is supposed to do?

Off the top of my head, here's the list of injured players including those injured in Triple A: Alou, Easley, Beltran, Green, Milledge, Smith, Burgos, Sanchez, Valentin, Gomez, Lo Duca, Castro, Perez, El Duque, Delgado, Ben Johnson, and probably a few more I'm forgetting.

I'd go out and get Cal Ripken, Jr. to become the Mets head of training and conditioning. I'm sure Omar Minaya can woo him away from his state department gig. The Iron Man played over 3,000 games without a day off. He's got to know something about staying off the DL.

If Ripken is too involved in settling the issues in Palestine, than I'll offer a few alternative choices for head of the Mets training:
  • Lance Armstrong - anybody who wins the Tour de France and conquers cancer has to know something about staying healthy
  • That 59-year old who's playing college football this year - He's crazy, but he's got to be in great shape
  • Jack Palance - Is he still alive? Sorry, just Googled him. He's not available.
  • John Basedow - Come on, who's not creeped out by the guy on the Fitness Made Simple videos, but if he's still making videos after all these years he's got to be doing something right.

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Tommy said...

the only person i spotted that you missed is that john padilla guy or whoever it is.