Friday, August 24, 2007

Delgado Is Scared At the Plate

What a difference twelve months make. Last year at this time, Delgado was approaching 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. He might still do it this year, but then again the Mets bullpen might throw 42 consecutive scoreless innings.

Delgado looks scared at the plate. Not his demeanor, but his embodiment shows me he's lost all confidence and is extremely timid. He reminds of that kid in Little League that when he got up you just knew he was up there to hold the bat on his shoulder and pray for a walk. Case in point, last night in the 9th inning with Wright on 3rd and Beltran on 1st I thought it would be the turning point for Delgado. He was going to get up and pound the ball over the right field fence for a walk off home run. He'd be out of his slump and back in the graces of Mets nation.

I have never seen a batter so desperate, yes desperate, to draw a walk than Delgado. Delgado looked like he wanted no part of this situation and appeared frightened. I was happy that he drew a walk, but I was sad to see the Delgado of '06 completely disappear.

Blame it on bat speed, poor pitch selection, or whatever. Delgado has no confidence in himself at the plate. He's lost up there and I have no idea how he's going to turn it around. I'm hoping someone on the Mets does.

Maybe Ruben Gotay can play first base?