Friday, August 10, 2007

Baseball This Weekend Doesn't Look Promising

Rain, rain, rain. That's the forecast for this weekend's series against the Marlins.

At this point in the season I really hate games that are rained out. It forces the team to either play a doubleheader the next day, which usually throws off the pitching rotation, or they cancel the game unless they really need to play it later in the season.

The problem with this second scenario is that a canceled game often messes up the team's rhythm. Case in point, look at least year's NLCS. All those rain canceled games definitely messed with the momentum the Mets had (still no excuse for losing the series).

I know it's still the regular season, but with the Marlins, Pirates and Nationals ahead of us it's an excellent opportunity to get on a roll. I hate to see that delayed.

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