Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Mets Should Go Get Bob Wickman

This week the Braves designated Bob Wickman for assignment. Turns out he didn't like pitching in non-save situations. So the Braves showed him the door and will make either Octavio Dotel or Rafael Soriano their new closer.

And here is why the Mets need to pick up Wickman: revenge.

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned or a player just released by his team. Wickman may not like pitching in non-save situations, but I bet he'd deal with it if he had a chance to get revenge on the Braves.

So Omar Minaya should pick up the phone today and call Wickman's agent. Omar will explain the role that Wickman would play on the Mets and how this is Wickman's chance for a little payback. If Wickman is ok with his new role than the Mets should sign him because we all know that we need bullpen help.

Wickman would be an extra arm in the pen that can throw heat and has experience. If you don't think we need him, I offer Schoeneweiss as exhibit 1. Besides, a fat man in the bullpen is always fun.

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