Sunday, August 19, 2007

Road, Sweep Road

Finally, a series sweep. I love the Washington Nationals, and Beltran loves their ballpark as he hammered two home runs over the right field fence.

This was finally a game I could relax and watch. No tension. Good run production. And most importantly no bullpen excitement.

El Duque pitched beautifully again. He could be in the running for the Cy Young award if the Mets had won the majority of his 9 no decisions. El Duque is the best pitcher when it comes to ERA after the All Star break as he's just over a 2.0 ERA. The guy is a machine and consistently throws over 100 pitches effectively. I can't tell a difference in his pitching from pitch 1 to pitch 110. He's my game one starter in any postseason series the Mets might have in the future.

Off day on Monday and then back to Shea for a seriously tough home series against the Padres and their phenomenal pitching staff. The Mets have been averaging 7+ runs per game for the past week and they'll need to save some against San Diego.

And right now, I'm exceptionally pleased with the fact that the Mets play the Nationals again in one of the closing series of the season.

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