Monday, August 27, 2007

Did Pedro Martinez Fix Guillermo Mota?

Pedro Martinez while rehabbing in the minors was watching the Mets play and specifically Guillermo Mota pitch. Pedro caught something that he thought was causing Mota to struggle and give away his change up. He said that Mota's stride to the plate was too short causing him to lose momentum on his pitches.

So Pedro called up Guy Conti and told him. According to Conti, Mota has been showing significant improvement. In fact a miracle happened last night, Mota pitched two scoreless innings!

Now am I to believe that simply lengthening Mota's stride will rid me of the angst I experience while watching Mota pitch? Is it really that simple? All those blown games and runs were because Mota shortened his stride?

Maybe. But if so what in the world are we paying Rick Peterson for?

I'm not convince yet that the Mota problem is fixed, but I'm hopeful. At the very least it makes me happy to hear Pedro is keeping up with the Mets and feels invested in this team to make a call to help one of his fellow teammates.

Maybe Pedro can pick up what's wrong with Delgado?


bryan said...

I still can't figure Mota out. When a pitcher takes steroids, it increases one's velocity and helps their endurance. It can't help with command/location. Mota still throws 94-97 - even without the juice. He needs to use his heater more often, like he did last night.

Tommy said...

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