Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where is the Mets' Actober Commercial?

I posted a while ago about how much I like what MLB has done with their new commercials starring Dane Cook.

But I now I have a beef with them. I've yet to see a Mets version of the Actober TV spots.

The Yankees have their own spot. The Indians and Brewers have one (although I'm not sure anybody cares). I vaguely remember one centered on the Red Sox. But where is the Mets' commercial?

The Mets would make a perfect commercial. We have more drama than any team I know. A bullpen that tries to lose games for us. A 5th starter that we select by picking names out of a hat. A first baseman who can't hit an inside fastball. A curse in left field that injures anyone who plays there. The ultimate villain in Scott Schoeneweiss. And of course the ultimate dynamic duo in David Wright & Jose Reyes.

Major League Baseball is free to take any of these talking points and use them in a new commercial starring the Mets. I only ask for a few tickets to be thrown my way and perhaps a David Wright autographed jersey.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go visit and you'll find some classic baseball playoff moments as well as some pretty creative user generated content.

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