Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Mets Big Tease

After Guillermo Mota entered the game last night, I switched the channel. I knew it was over. I watched a Criminal Minds rerun, but kept the Mets game in picture-in-picture. Come 10 p.m. I figured I would watch the Mets bat in the bottom of the ninth.

Then it happened. I saw walk, then Conine knocks in a run. And then I started to get excited. Could we actually have a rally here? I turned to my wife and said, "They're just teasing with us." Then the Padres second basemen dropped a Texas league pop-up off the bat of David Wright allowing Conine to score.

My wife started to get excited too. I again turned to her and said, "This is what the Mets do. They get you all hyped up and then let you down." But then Beltran's ball dropped into center field and honestly thought Carlos Delgado was going to come up and redeem himself from the awful night he had.

But I forgot my own prophecy, and Delgado looked utterly foolish against Trevor Hoffman. I was right. The Mets were just teasing us.

But I gotta tell you, it was still fun to watch. The fact that they scored that many runs in the bottom of the ninth just goes to show you how devastating our bullpen can be.

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