Thursday, August 23, 2007

Should Reyes & Wright Get a Day Off?

I keep hearing Gary Cohen and the guys on SNY talk about how Reyes & Wright will need a day off going into the home stretch of the season. Reyes & Wright have played virtually every game this season and are rarely subbed for so they have logged some serious innings.

But does that really matter? These are two young guys under the age of 25. And has everybody forgotten about guys like Cal Ripken, Miguel Tejada or Tony Gwyn who never had off days and were still able to produce.

I understand that a long season can wear you down, but has anybody asked them if the need an off day? I'm not sure they want to be out of the lineup, especially with the Mets harldy having the NL East in the bag. And with the bullpen and starting pitching being the way it is we definitely need those two consistent bats in the lineup.

Reyes and Wright can have all of November and December off, except for that ticker tape parade we'll have in early November.

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