Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why Can't Brad Penny Be on the Braves?

Do the Mets love Brad Penny or what? Penny is always so nice to the Mets. Penny has become the new Randy Johnson, the stellar pitcher that the Mets seem to always beat. Penny has great stuff, but he gave up a few too many walks and had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with uber-stud David Wright.

Wright was a man amongst boys last night. The opposite field home run he hit was pure arm strength as he flicked his bat at an outside pitch and nailed it over the right field fence. Then Wright made two spectacular plays in the field. The one where he bare-handed the ball after it bounced off Oliver Perez's glove whie moving in the opposite direction was just insane. Play of the year for the Mets so far. (kudos to Lastings' diving catch too)

But I did love the fact that Willie Randolph left Oliver Perez in the game thru 7 innings. 119 pitches, 0 runs, 3 hits, 6 K's. Stellar performance. Of course the bullpen came in and gave up 2 runs and scared the pants off me that they were going to blow this game, but it all worked out.

Perez still needs to cut down on his walks, but his fastball/change up combo was working, and he showed the ability to get out of tight spots.

El Duque goes this afternoon. Let's get another streak going.


bryan said...

Wright's opposite field power is reminiscent of Piazza.

SNK said...

wright is batting ahead of the hottest hitter on the Mets and has still walked at a ridiculous rate this month. That says it all about how he's swinging the bat these days...

Coop said...

DW = MVP...for the Mets at least. This team would be fighting for third if not for his bat this year.

nice site you guys have, i'll link to it on MSF! METS LIFERS IN DA HOWSE!!!!

dave said...

Bry, Until you said made the comment about the Wright/Piazza comparison I never thought of it. But you are so right. No one has power to the opposite field like Piazza but Wright is heading that direction.