Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where's Phillip Humber?

September call ups are coming and it is expected that the Mets will bring up a few young arms to fill out the rotation.

Joe Smith, Mike Pelfrey and Dave Williams are expected to be among them, but there is suspiciously no word about Phillip Humber joining the club.

Why? Humber has pitched well in the minors and has spent the last two seasons down there. So why haven't we seen him? Is it because the Mets saw the error of their ways in rushing Pelfrey? Does the organization really think Dave Williams or Brian Lawrence are better for the ball club?

I agree that young arms should not be rushed, but I don't think we'd be rushing Humber at this point. It's September call ups and what better time to test out the kid than now? I'm tired of Brian Lawrence and have zero confidence in Dave Williams. Pelfrey? Hmm, verdict is still out.

The fact that there is absolutely no word about Humber joining the Mets in September makes me wonder what is going on. I'm hopefuly it's for good reason, but I'm ready to see the kid in action.

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