Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to Frustration Nation.

Welcome to Frustration Nation, thy capitol is Philadelphia.

The Phillies swept the Mets at Shea just a month ago and it appears they might do the same in Philly this week. This may be the most frustrating series mainly due to the fact that the next stop is Atlanta where the Mets are almost guaranteed to lose two out of three because a) Smoltz is pitching & b) Glavine is pitching in Atlanta.

Marlon Anderson's takeout slide was suspect to say the least, but the frustrating part was why Willie Randolph pinch hit with Shawn Green in the ninth. Green's pinch hit stats are abysmal. Plus with Chavez on third and one out, it is the ultimate situation to lay down a squeeze. Ruben Gotay is the perfect man in that situation. He's got good speed and has been sensational. But Willie Randolph refuses to put down the squeeze even with the fastest of runners on third. I knew Green would hit into a double play, but I didn't envision it would end on that kind of double play.

The good news? Delgado is looking better and the bullpen didn't give up any runs.

Base running killed us tonight and only Oliver Perez could strike out 10 batters and lose a game. Perez pitched well though and I can't complain because he got out of some seriously tough spots.

Tomorrow afternoon is the game of the year to this point. Unfortunately, we'll have Mike DeFelice in the lineup. Say your prayers folks.

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