Monday, August 13, 2007

While I was on Vacation...Bonds Broke* the Record

This accomplishment* is no more legitimate than the Iron Sheik beating Bob Backland for the WWF title in '83 (ticked me off). My reaction to this unfortunate event was quite different than Dave’s in that when I saw his son at home plate, I immediately wondered how he’ll feel when he’s old enough to realize that his dad cheated. He’ll most likely stand by him but I wonder how long he’ll be able to deny the cold hard facts. It’s all quite sad in a way given that Bonds was such a wonderful player before he decided to undermine the sport and its fans. His statistics alone would have guaranteed him a spot in the Hall of Fame and would have been in the discussions of the all-time greats, Mays, Dimaggio, and Williams. Instead, he’ll be discussed primarily for being the most notorious cheater in the history of the game. And judging by his indifference to it all, I’d say he doesn’t mind that at all.

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