Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mike Piazza Causes A Stir in Mets Nation

Wow. I never thought the idea of bringing Mike Piazza back to the Mets would cause such an uproar amongst Mets nation. I've posted twice on the topic and both times people have commented in opposition. Some are against it because they don't think the Mets need him. Others comment that it would be disgraceful to Piazza to relegate him as a bench player.

Here are a few of the comments:
"First, Mike DiFelice couldn't be any worse a hitter than Paul Lo Duca is right now. Second, Mike Piazza's catching days are over. The idea that the Mets would acquire Piazza and what remains on his $10 mil. contract for the purpose of catching is silly. He would be a pinch hitter, and little else."

"I'm glad you're okay with him being just a pinch hitter. Ever stop to consider HE may not be? He can still play everyday and that's what he should have the opportunity to do. To reduce him to a bit player on a team he OWNED is a slap in the face and does nothing except serve misguided romantic notions some fans have."

Okay, so there are some good points, but there's also some ludicrous ones here as well. Anyone who tries to convince themselves that DiFelice or Alomar, Jr. are decent bench players if Castro & Lo Duca are out for an extended time, needs to get their heads checked. Piazza is at least ten times better than those replacements, and both of them are closer to retirement than Ralph Kiner.

Second, the idea that Piazza's return to the Mets would demote him or ruin our memory or be a "slap in the face" in my opinion is not an issue. There's no way Omar would get Piazza if Piazza didn't want to be on the team. Piazza would know what his role would be and he'd either accept it or say he didn't want to join the Mets. Minaya is a good enough GM to talk with Piazza first before just forcing him into a role he doesn't want to be in.

If Piazza wants to be a Met, I say we go out and get him. He's a DH right now, so it's no like he's really "playing" everyday. We know Piazza loves to catch and having a veteran, experienced playoff bat would be an asset to this team.

Plus it gives me a chance to wear my Mets #31 jersey.


bryan said...

a). I want him back because I love this guy and b). he's far better than defelice, even if Piazza had one leg...not too mention, Paul Lo Duca is really starting to bug me with all of his whining. Shut up already!

By the way, when Piazza talked to Mike & The Mad Dog last month, he comented on Citi Field and hoped they can figure a way somehow for him to "be there" when it opens. Hey, Mike. We've already got it figured out. Have your agent call Omar. Make it happe.

Toasty Joe said...

Hey, I'm new to this site, but you've got some good stuff here. I'll link to ya.

dave said...

Thanks for the feedback Toasty Joe. Link is much appreciated and we'll reciprocate.

BookieD said...

This is my first time reading your blog. Dude, you are prolific. That's a lot of bloggin!

It probably doesn't make a lot of sense, based on what I'm reading about Piazza no longer being able to catch. However, I'm with you that emotionally, I'd love to see Mike come back and be part of the new winning ballclub. It warmed my heart when the Mets brought back Lee Mazilli for the championship run in '86.

dave said...

Thanks BookieD. And the emotional aspect is what I'm talking about mostly. Excellent analogy to Lee Mazilli. I still think Piazza can catch a few games, not many, but there's a Kirk Gibson moment waiting to happen if he returns.

Jacqui said...

Okay, it's me again. Thanks for quoting me btw, I'm flattered.

I'm glad to see you say that it's the emotional aspect that's driving this. From that standpoint, I'd like to see him back too. Then again, I think the Mets dropped the ball letting him go in the first place, especially when they didn't improve defensively with LoDuca.

I'm also glad you say he'd have to know and agree to his role but it isn't that simple. He isn't a free agent. Omar can't talk to him or his agent. Omar has to talk to Beane. Now it's said that Beane has a "gentleman's agreement" with Mike to get his input/okay to a trade so I suppose Beane can convey the message to him and go from there but I don't see it happening.

But that begs the question - who do you want to see traded to the A's? It will cost at least one fairly hight prospect.

dave said...

You're welcome for the quote Jacqui. And I think we're working through our disagreement which is good. Open communication is the key.

I don't think it'll take a high prospect to get Piazza. I'd say a David Newhan or the coveted "Player to be named later" will probably suffice.