Thursday, August 9, 2007

Reyes, Castillo, Wright Combo Works

David Wright should be the official #3 hitter for the Mets for the next decade. I don't care that Beltran will be back in a few weeks. Wright is my #3 hitter. Period.

The combination of Reyes, Castillo and Wright at the top of the order is like a fantasy lineup. Reyes gets on. Castillo bunts or slaps him over. Wright's sac fly/single brings in a run.

I would like to see Jose Reyes get on base more in the first inning. It changes the entire complex of the game when Reyes gets on early. I think it builds up Reyes' confidence and the entire team's for that matter. Why doesn't he bunt for base hits in the first inning more often? It could be that they're expecting it, but he hasn't done it in what feels like months.

Castillo is as skilled a situational hitter as I've seen for the Mets. He knows when to bunt. He knows how to slap the ball the opposite way (Delgado should take lessons). He knows how to hit the ball up the middle. The only thing he can't do is hit home runs which we don't need him to do.

And other than his 3 at bats against Smoltz, Wright has looked extremely comfortable in the #3 spot. He's hitting with power to the opposite field which is always a good sign. Wright needs to learn to lay off the high and inside fastball which he seems to have trouble catching up to.

These three guys will set the tone for the team for the rest of the season. I don't think it's any surprise that both Delgado and Green are showing signs of improvement at the plate. With these 3 in front of them the pressure is off them to hit a home run every time.

Manufacturing runs is what the Mets need to do more often. The power numbers aren't there, but I don't think we need it if Reyes, Castillo and Wright continue to intelligently hit the ball.

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