Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Delgado Likes Being In the Middle

During Sunday's Mets win, they showed a stat on CW11 of the Mets record with Beltran & Alou both being in the lineup. I don't remember the exact numbers, but the Mets were averaging over 6 runs a game with them in the lineup and had a higher winning percentage with both of them in the lineup than with one of them out.

That got me thinking. I wonder what Delgado's numbers are like with both Beltran and Alou in the lineup. Or what they're like with them batting in front of and behind him. I've yet to see those stats, but I guarantee that Delgado's numbers are vastly improved when he's batting in between Beltran and Alou.

The last few games before he got hurt, Delgado looked comfortable at the plate. He was hitting the ball with power to right, but also sending it the opposite way. If Delgado can continue to hit balls to left field with consistency that will open up a ton of run scoring opportunities.

To me Delgado is the key for the rest of the season. David Wright is our rock and he'll be solid the rest of the way. I'm not worried about Reyes or Castillo. Alou is back to his old form. Beltran has found some pop in his bat. Delgado is the remaining question mark.

When he returns to the lineup this week it will be interesting to see if he can carry his success at the plate for the last few weeks into September and hopefully the playoffs. My greatest memory from last year's playoffs is how Delgado was swinging the bat.

I want that Carlos Delgado back.

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