Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Hate Losing Game 1

What a great way to start a 10 game road trip by getting crushed 9-2. I totally understand that the Mets can't win every game, but I'd at least like a respectable outing especially when it seemed like everyone was geared up for this series against the Phillies.

I could deal with a game 2 loss, because if you took game 1 it's ok to have a down day after a big road win. But last night's game was just an all-round poor performance. I've never seen David Wright argue with an ump over balls and strikes. On top of that I can't remember the last time David Wright struck out three times in one game. Talk about your off night.

Speaking of off nights, that brings me to Brian Lawrence. I think I've referred to him as Bill Lawrence in previous posts, but that's because the guy is so forgettable. If anyone makes you think that you have a shot at pitching in the big leagues, it's Brian Lawrence (and maybe Scott Schoeneweiss). He has a 78-82 mph fastball at times. Kids in the little league world series throw harder than that.

He's suppose to be a location pitcher, like a poor man's Tom Glavine. Well this guy is definitely on welfare if that's the comparison. Tell me the Mets have no one better in their farm system than Brian Lawrence?

Hopefully last nights loss showed this team that the Phils aren't going quietly. Tom Glavine is on the mound tonight so let's get him some runs to work with.

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bryan said...

Good line....welfare. Like that. Hopfully, that's the last we see of Bill.