Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Disgusting Defeat

I cannot believe the Mets lost this game. Up 5-0 and they lose to the Pirates. This is just another inexcusable defeat in a long line of absolutely pathetic losses.

This bull pen, or I should say, blow pen, is horrible. With the exception of Billy Wagner, you have to cross your fingers every time someone is out there. And can someone please tell me why Randolph burned through these guys in the 7th inning? He brings in Mota, who quickly walks the first guy and Willie immediately yanks him. Then he brings in Pedro "Where Have You Been" Feliciano to face the lefty. He lets up a hit, Willie pulls him and brings in Heilman. I mean, what was he doing out there. I was yelling at my TV. Here Randolph is, a guy who always tells the media "I like to go with my gut" yet he's mixing and matching pitchers when there are still three innings left and you have nothing left in the pen to bring out...essentially. It's not like you're bringing in Mariano Rivera to close out the inning. You have to just go with what you have because what you're bringing in is not that much better than what you're taking out. So don't waste them, even if they do stink.

I'm sick about this game. Just when you start to feel like this team is turning the corner, they punch you in the gut. Time and time again they disappoint. How many more of these bad losses can we take? Gary Cohn remarked this would be a devastating loss, and I agreed with Keith when he said it's not devastating, but just one of those games you can't, shouldn't lose to this type of team at this stage of the season.

The Phillies and Braves are coming...

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dave said...

Somebody pass me Davey Johnson's Rolaids. I'm sick. With a shot at a sweep and a 4 game win streak we choke like Norwood kicking a field goal.