Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Carlos Beltran: Man on Fire

Carlos Beltran is reminding of me Denzel Washington in Man on Fire. In the movie Denzel is a crusty ex-CIA agent who's tired of the life he's lead and has seen too much. So he ends up taking a gig as a bodyguard for a 7-year old daughter of a prominent Mexican family. When the daughter gets kidnapped by a Mexican gang, Denzel goes off and blows up anything in his way to get the job done.

That's Carlos Beltran right now. He's tired of being injured. He's sick of the criticizing. He's ready to get the job done.

Beltran is a man on fire and he's bowling over anyone that stands in his path. His 5 RBI night was unprecedented for him this season. And his clutch hit in the 8th was shocking to me as I often refer to him as "Mr. Anti-Clutch."

On a night when Delgado and Wright couldn't stop popping the ball up, Beltran came through with a home run, a double and a single.

The player of the week looked happy to be home. And as Mets fans there's nothing that makes us happier than Beltran on fire.

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