Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mets Have Biggest Lead in Baseball

Go ahead and read the title of this post again. I actually chuckled a bit when I wrote it.

Can this actually be true? The Mets with a 5 game lead over the Phillies and Braves have the largest lead in all of baseball. Better than the Red Sox. Better than the Angels. Better than the Tigers/Indians. It's unreal.

I mean wasn't it just yesterday that the Mets were struggling their way through a horrid June and July? Hasn't half our team been on the disabled list? Do you realize that we're actually starting Mike DiFelice? And can you believe we're winning without a solid 5th starter for the past two months?

But let's not celebrate yet. September is packed with games against the NL East and unless we sweep the Braves the next time we see them, they're not going away quietly.

It starts tonight (if the rain ever stops). Let's build this lead.

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