Monday, August 6, 2007

Mets Nicknames

The Mets have a much needed off day today to recoup after a stellar road trip. They need this time to get ready for the Braves this week in what will be a pivotal series for the rest of the season.

So on these off days it gives me a chance to post on stuff I normally don't because it's a slower news day.

One thing my wife questions me about is the nicknames I give for Mets players. I have tendency to make up names for players based on their performance, attributes, etc. So here is a list of my nicknames for the current Mets roster. Some are familiar, some are a little odd. Feel free to comment on any you've developed that might catch on.

Billy Wagner - "Pocket Rocket"
David Wright - "Mr. Wright"
Tom Glavine - "Tommy Boy"
Lasting Milledge - "Everlastings Thrilledge"
Shawn Green - "Gumby" (come on, you don't see it?)
Moises Alou - "Centrum Silver"
Oliver Perez - "Opie" (play on his initial O.P.)
Ramon Castro - "El Capitan" or "Bucket Head"
Pau Lo Duca - "Sonny" (as in Corleone)
Carlos Beltran - "The Gazelle"
Carlos Gomez - "Pretty boy"
Endy Chavez - "Mr. Catch"
Jose Valentin - "The Stache"
Damion Easley - "Weasley"
Scott Schoenweiss - "Blowenweiss"
Rick Peterson - "The Jacket"
Aaron Selee - "The Invisible Man"

What nicknames do you have?

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