Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Return of the Spark Plug

While the Phils got a major boost with the return of Chase Utley, the Mets will get one of their own tonight, as Endy “The Greatest Post Season Catch Ever” Chavez suits up for the first time in nearly three months. While Chavez is no Utely, he is certainly a key part of this club and Lord knows we missed him while he was out. I love the way he plays the game. He has heart and he brings great energy. Plus, let’s face it, the guy can flat out chase’em down in the outfield.

Sean Green, in all of his flopping and flailing attempts, just can’t get to fly balls, not too mention, he can’t drive the ball with any kind of authority anymore. Lastings Milledge, still young, is looking overmatched way too often now and is a little suspect in the field.

The questions is: Where does Willie bat him? I kind of like him in the 8th spot, especially when Castillo is playing. This way, the pitcher doesn’t have two easy outs back to back, and if he gets on, the pitcher can bunt him over with the speedy Reyes and Castillo, coming up after him. Facing those guys puts all kinds of pressure on the opposing team; a pitcher’s nightmare.

So with a 5 game lead, and 5 weeks to go, Chavez’s return couldn’t come at a better time. Welcome back, Endy! We missed you.

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