Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Hit in the Head List

The Mets, more than any team in baseball, need a hit in the head list. This is a list of batters that consistently destroy your team so instead of letting them hit, you should just hit them in the head every time they get up to the plate because the alternative is that they destroy you once again.

Here's the list I've compiled ranked in order of importance focusing specifically on the NL East:

1. Chipper Jones
2. Pat Burrell
3. Hanley Ramirez
4. Jimmy Rollins
5. Ryan Zimmerman

Of course Roger Clemens would be on this list, but it turns out the Mets have actually done pretty well against him. I'm just sick and tired of the same guys beating us when we know it's coming.

Pat Burrell was a foot away from crushing a grand slam against the Mets on Wednesday night and he homered the night before. Does no one else see it coming except me? Hit 'em in the head. Let him take the base and deal with the next guy.

Let us know if you've got some Met killers to add to the list.

1 comment:

bryan said...

Does Schoenweis count?