Friday, August 24, 2007

A Place for Gotay

It's been well documented here at Mets Lifer that I have an unhealthy obsession with Ruben Gotay. What can I say I love the guy. I like his bat, his speed, his attitude. I want the Mets to find a spot for this kid now that Luis Castillo is here (and by the way the Mets need to sign him after the season).

After much pondering I've had an epiphany. Ruben Gotay is our newest addition to the Mets bullpen.

Think about it. Ok so he's never pitched a day in his life, so he might give up a few hits/home runs/big innings. Is that any different than the three headed monster that is Mota/Schoeneweiss/Selee? I'm sure over time he could be just as good as Mota is when he's not on steroids.

Plus you wouldn't have to pinch hit for him. He could bat for himself and provide you with some solid ABs, good hitting with runners on base, and save your bench.

I think this has potential. How much worse could the bullpen be with Gotay?