Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blowout or Heartbreaker?

That is the question. After losing 2 of the last 3 games by scores of 9-0 and 8-2, something strange happened. I actually slept better than I have in the last than 2 weeks. Why? Because these games were over quickly and the Mets never really had a shot. Which begs the question: Would you rather the Mets lose a close game, or get hammered?

For me, I’d have to choose the latter. And here’s why: If the Mets get beat up early and suffer a big defeat, I don’t have to torture myself thinking about every single play that went wrong, or that they failed to execute. ‘If only Beltran didn’t swing at the first pitch to end the game with the bases loaded’...‘If only Wagner threw a slider down and in to an undisciplined Burrell, not a fastball in his wheelhouse’ or ‘If only Delgado had gotten one hit out of the hundred chances with men on they would have won’

You get the point. Heartbreaking losses are called heartbreaking for a reason; because they crush you. You think about them over and over, replaying parts of the game in your head, saying things like, ‘If only Timo Perez ran, the series would have been much different.’ But when they get blown out, micro-analysis (aka mental torture) is irrelevant. There’s nothing to obsess about, no single play would have made a difference anyway. You accept defeat and move on. Sleep well.

I was lucky enough (or not, depending on how you look at it) to have been at Game 7 last year. Many will remember it as a baseball classic. People will say, ‘You got to see one of the best Game 7’s’ ‘You saw Endy’s catch!’ Hogwash! Truth of the matter is that game still haunts me. We had so many chances to win and we flat out blew it. To this day, I have only seen one highlight of that called strike three and that was by accident (he should have swung). Had the Mets gotten thumped in that final game, I would have been ticked, but it certainly would have been less painful. Just give credit to the Cardinals and be done with it. Instead, it becomes one of the biggest wounds MetsLifers carry with them.

A “W” is a “W” and a loss is a loss. And no matter how you lose, it still counts as an “L” in the loss column. For die-hards, it’s just easier to deal with. Accept defeat and move on. Sleep well.

(Endy’s catch is the single greatest post-season catch in baseball history)

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dave said...

"If only Timo ran" I so know what you're talking about. As much as I hate blowouts they are easier to handle.

And Endy's catch is undoubtedly the greatest catch in playoff history. Period.