Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carlos Gomez is the Fastest Man in the Majors

You might think the title is a bit of a hyperbole, but I assure you it's not. During Sunday's Mets game, Carlos Gomez legged out a bunt base hit like I have never seen before. I mean I know he's fast, but what happened next was unreal.

The SNY crew timed Gomez from the batter's box to first base. Ralph Kiner remarked that the record for going home to first was 3.3 seconds and that was by a left handed batter.

Gomez was clocked at just over 3.4. And he bats right handed. And, as Gary Cohen noted, he looked backwards twice on his way to first base.

I had heard people say he's faster than Jose Reyes, but sometimes it's all hype. This is proof.

3.4 seconds to first base. I can't even type "3.4 seconds to first base" in 3.4 seconds. Can't wait for Carlos Gomez to develop and have him and Jose Reyes atop the Mets lineup for years to come.

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bryan said...

Dead on! Love the props Gomez is getting. Love the photo.

Reyes & Gomez in the future is going to be lethal for opponets.