Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alou Makes an Appearance on Fox's HOUSE

It's a House-themed day for me for some reason, and you may find it surprising to hear that the Mets' own Moises Alou will be making a special appearance on the medical drama, House, in a special episode this summer.

The story starts with an ordinary left fielder who's leading the league in hitting, cranking doubles left and right, but then suddenly as he's running in from left field the strangest thing happens: he hurts.

Oh, does he hurt. He's immediately rushed to the ER. The doctor's look at Alou writhing in pain and conclude it's a hangnail combined with a headache and a severe attack of old age.

Alou can't seem to function correctly. His thumb turns numb when he tries to change the TV channel with his remote. Back spasms kick in when he starts talking about how he used to walk to school uphill both ways every day.

The doctor's know this is a case for Dr. Gregory House and his team of experts. There's no word on when the show is going to air because it is dependent on Alou's return to the team which is still in question.

In all seriousness, we miss you Alou. I'm getting a little teary.

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