Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cards 5 Mets 3

Well that had to be one of the more frustrating games I've watched in while. The Mets had so many chances to win this game, it just drives you crazy they didn't come out on top. I really can't believe we didn't win that game.

Hopefully, the only positve we can take out of this is that Randolph should finally realize that Scott Blow-enweis is terrible. All Mets fans knew as soon as he was coming in the game to pitch the 11th, it was over. This guy is horrible! I don't know how many more times Willie can put him in, in close games, before he finally realizes he flat out stinks. The only time he should be on the mound is during batting practice. He actually let up a home run to a guy who had only 6 home runs in 4 minor league seasons. 6 in 4 seasons! Are you kidding me? Disgusting! Omar, please get some new blood in the pen.

Jose Valentin, who had a clutch 2 out, game tying double in the 9th, inexplicably made two bone-headed errors that allowed runs to score on each (although, one was ruled a hit, not sure how). Just horrendous.

The more I start to think about this team, the more I'm starting to think we need to trade for a big bat. This team is just not getting the job done and it is quickly becoming a concern. Delgado is completely insignificant right now and should be dropped in the order. And can someone tell me why David Wright was swiging at an 2-0 pitch, leading off, down by two in the 11th?


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dave said...

Well said. What's with the Mets not being able to hit these no-name pitchers on the Cardinals? You'd think they were facing Maddux & Smoltz.