Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carlos Gomez Makes Mets Future Bright

It's easy to get down about the Mets right now. We haven't won a series since Paris Hilton was thrown in jail. And it feels like nothing can go right.

But I have seen hope, and it's name is Carlos Gomez.

I have to admit that I was one of the major critics of Gomez when he first came up. He swung at everything. He was swinging out of his shoes on every pitch. He was making bad decisions in the field. He didn't know the meaning of a cutoff man. And the list goes on.

However, over the past week and a half Carlos Gomez has shown us something that is an invaluable trait in any ballplayer. He learns from his mistakes.

The kid is starting to take pitches. He even walked twice in a game last week. He's bunting for base hits, stealing bases, and returning to the fundamentals.

Gomez tracked down a flyball down the left field line yesterday that I thought was a guaranteed double. Yet he glided over there and caught the ball in stride. The kid is a gazelle.

He's got great potential and I'd like to see Willie keep him up the rest of the season even when Moises Alou & Endy Chavez come off the DL. Why? He's the perfect pinch runner and he needs more at bats to help his development speed along.

I think Carlos Gomez is improving at a faster rate than Jose Reyes did when he first came up. Don't get me wrong. Gomez is nowhere near the ballplayer we need him to be, but I like what I'm seeing that gives me hope for the future of the ball club.

Keep working hard Gomez. Great things are ahead. And he's the only man on the planet faster than Jose Reyes.

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