Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yanks 11 Mets 8

So much for the good feeling I had this morning. Momentum is only as good as your next day’s starting pitcher and Tom Glavine brought it to a screeching halt this afternoon. Allowing 7 runs in 4 innings, including two HRs, one to A-Rod, the other to Jeter, Glavine looked downright awful.

While we did put some runs on the board, (thank you Jose Reyes), the Mets continued their season-long pattern of leaving men on base. I think the Mets left 65 guys on base. Carlos Beltran was the biggest culprit, fouling out to end the game on Rivera’s first pitch after the Mets rallied to within 3. Someone ask Beltran why he swung at the first pitch when Rivera was on the ropes, with 30+ pitches in the inning. If these guys don’t start producing, Delgado & Beltran, the Mets are going nowhere. And if Minaya doesn’t pick up some help for this bullpen, we will have a hard time repeating as NL East Champs. Instead of Sanchez, Bradford and Oliver, we have Schoenweis, Sele, & Mota. Everytime they come in the game, they let a run or two, making it difficult to stay in games or come back, like today.

If it weren’t for Jose Reyes improvising runs, where would the Mets be?

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