Saturday, June 16, 2007

Around the Horn: Pubs Giving Gomez Some Props

It's media day for Carlos Gomez. Reading the pubs this morning and much attention has been given to the 21 year old, 'Plan C' outfielder. Gomez, who has looked overmatched since being called up, made a senasational play in left field, had two bunt base hits, stole his sixth base in seven attempts and scored a run.

For the growing legion of Carlos Gomez fans, here are some stories of the day.

See Daily News article on how the kid drove Clemens 'batty.'

Also, Bob Klapisch pens a piece on the 'multi-tasking', Gomez, who said after the game, "Now we're going to wake up."

Wallace Matthews, of Newsday, writes, 'Gomez humilated Clemens'

And for some great shots of the two speedsters, Reyes & Gomez, check out the NY Times.

This guy has blazing speed. If he can start putting together some decent, more consistent ABs, he and Reyes can cause a lot of havoc for opposing pitchers.

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