Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mets Back on Track?

I feel good this moring. Last night, obviously, was a huge win. We snapped our losing streak, we took the first game of the series against the hated Yanks, and we picked up a game on the surging Phillies. (Braves won, however). And while the offense continued to struggle, there was something about that game that leads me to beleive the Mets are going to get out of this funk.

No coincidence that Reyes jump started the team last night. Going 3 for 3, with 3 SBs and a moon -shot off the facade of the upper deck, Jose's complete offesnive package was on display. I expect him to start dominating again. Oliver Perez continues to have a fine season, having beaten the Yanks for a second time this year. Perez is coming up big this season: 5 of his seven wins are against the Yanks and the Braves.

I believe the Mets will play loose today, and that tightness and sloppy play will be exorcised. There's something about it, a feeling I have, that tells me they will carry this little momentum into another good run. Get one of the next two games, win the series, and get back to Shea where we will begin taking our rightful place as the National League's best team.

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