Friday, June 22, 2007

Where Art Thou, O Lastings Milledge?

Oh Lastings, my lastings. Where for art thou my Lastings Milledge?

This was your year. With all the injuries in the outfield this was your chance to make us believe the hype. Now a freak injury has left you trapped in Triple A, and made the Mets resort to using Ricky Ledee (tear).

The other thing is we could have traded you last year when your stock was high. At the very least Barry Zito would have been a Met. Who knows, we could (i.e. should) have packaged you and Heilman to Florida for a man named, Dontrelle Willis.

Will we ever see the real Lastings Milledge? Will he be the player we thought him to be? Carlos Gomez appears to be our new favorite prospect, but I do wonder if we'll see Lasting Milledge play another game at Shea Stadium.

The crazy thing is if you were a nice kid no one would be talking about trading you.

Get better soon so we can trade you for some pitching.