Sunday, June 17, 2007

What the Mets Lineup Should Be

Willie Randolph is earning his paycheck with the amount of lineup changes he goes through. However, I think he's fiddling around way too much and needs to stick with a lineup for a few weeks. In this MetsLifer's opinion, here's what it should look like and why:

1. Jose Reyes - no brainer

2. Paul Lo Duca - Willie is struggling to find a #2 hitter. Didn't we have a pretty good one last year? Hmmm. Lo Duca has found his swing again so stick him back at the top.

3. Carlos Beltran - He's struggling, but this is where he'll get his groove back.

4. David Wright - He's carrying the team at this point. He's our best RBI man. He'll be here for the next 10 years so get him comfortable.

5. Shawn Green - Green is slow coming back from his foot injury and Wright might get some intentional walks with Green behind him. That's ok. Wright has been stealing bases and Green is one of those guys that nothing gets to him. I like him as a steady #5.

6. Carlos Delgado - He's lost out there. Stick him down in the order. This is the spot where he started to turn things around. Keep him here until he goes 25 for 40 with 8 home runs and 15 RBI's.

7. Jose Valentin - Need him at #7 for some extra pop at the bottom of the order.

8. Carlos Gomez - Batting Gomez before the pitcher is the best thing you can do for this kid. He'll get a couple of intentional walks which should let him run free on the base paths, which is just what we want him to do.

9. Pitcher - duh.

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bryan said...

Not too mention, all the pitches LoDuca sees. He makes the pitcher work and is hard to strike out. Like the lineup.