Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quote of the Day

“I don’t feel frustrated, because I am doing my best.” By Carlos Beltran.

Really? You’re not frustrated? Interesting, because this mini, potentially season-changing collapse is pissing me off. My frustration was boiling over yesterday after watching you foul out feebly on the first pitch to end the game. Especially after seeing a 21 year old kid battle his way to a hit off the greatest closer of all-time. Especially watching the ultra-passionate, super-charged and team MVP Jose Reyes work a tough AB into a RBI hit. Then you step in the box; one pitch, game over. I’m really glad you don’t feel frustrated.

I’m not sure what aggravates me more: That he’s looking like the 2005 version of Carlo Beltran or that he openly admits to not being frustrated.

Look, I wanted Beltran here in the worst way when he was a free agent. I thought he was exactly what this team needed, a superstar centerfielder just entering his prime. I even wrote in to Metsblog when Matt Cerrone was putting a petition together to recruit him here. And so I can deal with the slumping, the thoughtless ABs, but it really steams me as a fan, a MetsLifer, when someone isn’t emotionally connected to the game. I really don’t want to hear ‘I don’t feel frustrated’ during these down times.

It makes me question why then, should I be so passionate about it? If he doesn’t care, why should I? Why go to the games, contribute to his salary if he’s indifferent about whether they win or lose. Maybe that’s why he was telling everybody he wasn’t affected by his infamous, season-ending strikeout last year against St. Louis. Maybe that’s why he’s loafing after balls in the outfield. Maybe that’s why he’s not on second base after a dropped pop up in the outfield – down by one run in the last inning. He just doesn’t care. Try asking Jose Reyes is he feels frustrated. You think he would respond the same? ‘Course not, and he’s playing well. Take a look at Willie Randolph’s face, think he’s not frustrated? Listen to talk radio, read the blogs. Think Mets fans aren’t frustrated?

Some might say I’m being too harsh but when a player makes a statement like that, he opens himself up to all kinds of criticism. How can we not question his desire? All we can expect as fans is that you play hard and that you want to win. If that expectation is compromised or in doubt, then so too should our financial contributions.

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dave said...

I am so with you on this. Beltran needs to get his act together.