Thursday, June 28, 2007

Milledge for Buehrle?

According the news coming out of Chicago, the White Sox are negotiating a new deal with Mark Buehrle somewhere in the range of $48 million over 4 years, seemingly taking him off the market.

Assuming there aren’t any big name relievers available, I would have to seriously think about trading Milledge straight up for Buehrle, which, according to most reports could get the deal done. Some may disagree, and I never like trading young prospects, but here’s why: Milledge does not have spot on this team. Sean Green has been solid and with the emergence of Carlos Gomez (great catch last night), the Mets have no place for him to play. And if Alou and Chavez come back, he’ll never have a shot. Therefore, he has to be traded. Plus, his value just isn’t as high as it once was – he didn’t play well last year, had issues in the clubhouse, and has a ton of baggage - the time to move him is now.

While Buerhle isn’t an Ace in the mold of a Roy Oswwalt or Carlos Zambrnao, he is a solid #2 guy – at worst, #3. And he eats innings, indicating that he always gives his team a chance to win. Factor in a change in leagues, from the American to the National, and you immediately upgrade what is an already solid starting rotation. Of course, the move would mean having to put someone in the pen and the likely candidate would be Jorge Sosa, who has pitched there before. Essentially, you improve the team in two areas with one trade…for a guy who is not going to play on this team. Make the deal.

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dave said...

I totally agree. With Martinez in the minors and Gomez & Beltran locked up we should get what we can for Milledge.